Monday, May 20, 2013

Christus Schumpert to close vast complex on Margaret Place; end of an era and blow to Highland

Marler-Trudeau-Schumpert by trudeau
Marler-Trudeau-Schumpert, a photo by trudeau on Flickr.

"Definitely saddened to hear the closure of Christus St. Mary on Margaret Place," said Jeff Everson on Facebook. "This is a huge loss to Central Shreveport/Highland, and the NWLA healthcare sector. It sits just a few blocks from the empty and abandoned Doctors hospital. I hate to hear this."

Judy Williams responded, "Christus has hired a firm, Dynamis, that specializes in helping companies repurpose buildings. They will be meeting with the community to determine community needs and hope to find new uses for the St. Mary campus."

Jeff Everson: "Thanks for letting me know, Judy. As the Council representative for St.Mary's campus, I feel a little blindsided by today's announcement."

Among the flood of remarks lamenting the decision, April Dahm said, "I'm tired of empty and abandoned buildings littering our city. I hope it can be repurposed and continue to be a diamond in the Highland and Fairfield neighborhoods. Sutton's Children's hospital made a horrible hospitalization for my daughter so much better. The environment alone could make a kid well again."

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sjw Rogers said...

It is definitely the end of an era. Both of my boys were born there in the mid 60's, when it cost a mere $400.00 to take your baby home from the hospital. Drs. Hornbuckle and Robert Tucker were my OB-GYNs. Dr. Wedgeworth was the attending Pediatrician. Their total fee was $75.00 to be paid out over the 7 month period remaining before the birth. My shared room was about 14.00 a day and both times I stayed for 4 or 5 days. My, how things have changed. My current primary doctor left the facility several months ago ahead of the collapse.