Wednesday, October 05, 2011

So long and thanks, Steve Jobs. Best to your family.

Talked to my son, Adolph, about our earliest Apple computers. Began buying them in the early 90's. My first 2 were hand-me-downs from my children.

In 1984 I was shopping for our first computer. Both of us remembered a visit to a store that sold the Macintosh near El Chico's Madison Park. Because of the expense I passed on the Mac. Bought a California brand called a Kaypro.

One of our best Apple stories is about the eMac that ran for 11 years; not a moment's problem. There was an iBook that was schlepped across Europe and the US. It has been rebuilt and is still running.

Today I must give honor to my little MacBook. Have edited a ton of video and sound on it and filled several external hard drives. It's a tough one.

The new iMac is impressive, too.

I never did like the iPod. Had several of them and they were a pain in the rear end.

I don't quite know how I live without an iPhone. My children consider them, like, essential.

Waiting for another generation to go by before getting a magic carpet iPad.

So long and thanks, Steve Jobs. Amazing work, sir.

Best to your family.

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