Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Artists and brush-wielding volunteers needed to paint barrels for Food Bank outreach, says Frances Socha

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Painting barrels - creatively - interest you?

"We are looking for a few artists," says Socha, " who are willing to volunteer their time to paint and decorate a few barrels. We would like to have the Food Bank logo on them, but it would be pretty cool if the artists were able to paint their own interpretation of our logo and what the Food Bank represents," says Frances Socha.

The Food Bank is currently working on developing a rural outreach program to expand programs serving the hungry, continues Socha. "As part of this outreach we will be contacting grocery stores in these areas to put food donation barrels in the stores. We currently have about 40 barrels in our warehouse."

"These artsy barrels will provide a great deal of publicity for the Food Bank and for the artist! It is our hope that by providing a place of easy access for food donations, we will be able to achieve our mission of abating hunger."

Please contact Frances Socha, Program Director, Food Bank of Northwest Louisiana, 2307 Texas Avenue, Spt 71103
Tel: 318-675-2400
Fax: 318-675-2440

In a postscript Ms. Socha said, "I just found out we actually have about 100 food donation barrels in the Food Bank warehouse that we are trying to get painted!"

Pardon me if I suggest a small team of artists who would create designs and perhaps sketch the outlines on the barrels. Subsequently people who can simply apply paint might be used to complete the project.

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