Monday, July 06, 2015

Musicians' call: Stan the Record Man Fest on Sat, Sept 26, to be produced by Shreveport Regional Arts Council

UnScene March, Shreveport

Having pleased the public with a tribute to Stan the Record Man in the March 2014 UnScene, Shreveport Regional Arts Council is promoting another Stan Fest. "Singers, songwriters, bands and musicians of all backgrounds are invited to apply for a chance to perform on Saturday, September 26," says Pam Atchison of SRAC. "All we ask is that you be able to perform/cover at least one song Stan Lewis produced or wrote."

Bands (current and past) from the area who have at least one professional studio recording related to Stan may apply to "The Art of the Bands" exhibition. This will showcase - in Artspace - the artwork that goes along with these recordings. Also needed: t-shirts, album art, stickers and more.

Apply for the Festival. Deadline 11:59 PM on July 30.

Above: Rev Brady Blade, Sr, of Zion Baptist Church, long-time recording artist for Stan's gospel label.

UnScene March, Shreveport

Blade fan Emily McGowan.

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