Friday, July 31, 2015 Critical mass bike ride Fri, July 31, 6:30 pm; get smart biking instruction at 6 pm

Critical Manners August ride, Shreveport

The July Critical Mass ride - last Fri of each month - begins about 7 pm, although the starting time says 6:30 pm. "This month's ride will take us through Broadmoor and end at the family-friendly Marilynn's Place, " says Arms Brown. The start point is Columbia Park at Creswell Ave.

This month if you show up at 6PM you can learn from some masterful and caring riders about how to be better at biking.

Stephen Pederson will demonstrate braking effectively and safely.
Long-distance rider John Fontaine will instruct on negotiating bumps and obstacles.
Bike tech Daniel Martin will show riders how to be smart when starting and stopping.

Critical Manners Sept ride, Shreveport

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